Michael Mitzman

Creative Director & Designer

An all conditions, machine-to-machine, professional power washing app.

radial gauge interface indicating temperature
  • Role: Visual Design Lead
  • Agency: Wildebeest
  • Time Period: Fall 2018

Simpson Cleaning was launching their first ever machine to machine mobile app for their industrial power washers. This app would allow for cleaning teams to monitor the real-time performance of their machines and be able to catch any potential issues like over heating or lack of oil before they happen and cause damage to the machine.

They wanted a clear visual and infographic system combined with an app that would be easy to navigate and use in all environments as well as with gloves on. On top of that they wanted something that would be of high visual standards to offset them from the other apps in the space, which were usually clunky and looked unappealing.

I was tasked with handling both the UX and design direction of this app. I researched the difficulties of using an app on a work site to best understand the issues presented with less than stable conditions. While they wanted this to look as visually interesting as possible, it was most important that it would be easy to use in a variety of ever changing conditions.

radial gauge interface indicating RPM radial gauge interface indicating oil level radial gauge interface indicating PSI
vertical bar interface indicating maintenance intervals radial gauge interface indicating oil life horizontal bar interface indicating component temperature

Since this app is meant for monitoring and quick glances, I wanted to take inspiration from physical objects that allowed for that. I looked to things like watches and clocks, speedometers, and mechanical gauges.

Since this was going to be used in a variety of settings and teams won’t have much control over lighting, I looked toward a system of neon and bright lights that could be contrast against black. That would allow for higher legibility in low lit settings.

mobile device login interface mobile device selection interface
mobile device sync interface

Creating a clear and easy to use experience was key. Using large buttons with a large tap radius would help those on the job whose hands might even be shaking from holding a power washer use the app. Keeping all data modules on one screen that they can scroll through easily without having to tap around was also important.

mobile device detail interface mobile device detail interface
mobile device detail interface